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Immunity booster powder 150g


Friends, because of the increasing outbreak of Corona, I have prepared this Herbal and Ayurvedic Mixed Formula to increase immunity. Whichever child, old and young, can be taken by everyone.

I have already been using this powder in my patients. But I felt that others should also be shared so that more and more people can take advantage of it. And avoid yourself from this epidemic like Corona as much as possible. If humanity benefits from this small effort, it will be our good fortune.

This powder is homemade. No harmful ingredient of any kind has been used in it. It is completely safe.

Remember this is not a brand. That is why you will get it without any label. And it is prepared on the demand of the customer and the patient and sent through courier or post. It is not prepared in advance. So keep this in mind while ordering.


The use of this powder will increase your physical and mental strength. Which is very important in this corona-like epidemic. It also works well in the symptoms in Corona. Such as cough, loss of taste, weakness, shortness of breath, heaviness in-breath, headache, chest burden, fear, depression, panic attack, increased blood pressure or occurrence, cardiac weakness, tremor of hands, tremor, dizziness, vomiting nausea,

Nervousness, loss of appetite, lean body, indigestion, lack of agility in the body, lack of vitality, mindlessness in some work, tiredness all the time.

This powder has many benefits. I have written some of them here. Everyone can use this powder, whether it is a patient with blood pressure or sugar, or heart.


Chlorophytum borivilianum

Asparagus racemosus


Nigella seeds




Black pepper

Dry ginger




Mucuna pruriens

How to use: -

Adult: - Mix 2.5 grams of powder in 1 tbsp of honey and lick it with your finger,

Children: - Mix 1.5 grams of powder in 1 teaspoon of honey and lick it with your finger.

Dieting: - Avoid meat and sour things. Avoid tea, coffee, bidi, cigarette gutkha, alcohol, and intoxicating things.

Note- Use green vegetables, vegetable salad, fruit, and fruit salad in food.

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