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Keshbindu Keratin Protein Hair Conditioner With Avocado-300 ml

This conditioner keratin protein work to keep moisture locked into each strand while building up the proteins lost, thus, increasing the hair’s elasticity to reduce and prevent breakage the result is stronger, softer, and sleeker hair gives your hair all the rich care it needs to look its beautiful best. Kesh Bindu keratin hair conditioner contains hydrolyzed keratin protein that heals hair damage caused by lack of moisture heat and chemical styling treatments it also has pure almond & avocado oils-two traditionally valued hair care marvels - to revive gloss and boost silkiness also gives dull, limp, thin and lifeless hair advanced cleansing, clarifying and repairing care. Provides essential nutrients to hair, follicles and penetrates hair shafts to repair this damage and restore strength. Transform your hair into silky smooth & gorgeous locks with this exclusive blend of multi essentials oils.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 2-7 Day
  • Packaging Details: Bottle - Lable - Air proof shrink

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